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What if your customer spells incorrect?
It becomes correct!

Clever spelling

Orilango is a set of services that handles all types of spelling misstakes and problems.


Built for use in many different areas

Orilango should be used on all places where there is a search box or a text area where visitors can type for themself.



Helps the customer to find the correct product.

What happens when the customer spells incorrect during a search on your website?

The most common answer is a message like "No matches found". There is a big chance that the customer now leaves your website and runs a new search on Google, and instead finds the product on a competitive website.

Orilango will solve that problem, so that the customer stays on your website and finds the products directly!



Saves times for all employees.

Alot of time is being spent on finding the correct document, pages and guides that exists on an Intranet.

By adding Orilango to your search functionality, you will help the employees to find whatever they are searching for - Even if they spell incorrect.

Customer service


Reduces the frustration for everyone.

What happens on the public website when your visitors cannot find what they are searching for? For instance, what will they find if they search for "Hosspitall" (Hospital)?

Will they find the correct information, or will they be faced with a frustrating "Sorry, no matches found"..?

If the visitor cannot find what he is looking for on the website, he will call the customer service instead. An unnecessary waste of valuable time for the customer service.


Makes it right, even if you spell wrong

The spellchecker is using multiple algorithms to find out what the user is trying to type.
Orilango will find the correct words by using phonetic comparisons, statistically common errors, easily mixed up words, etc.






Help the visitor to search on your website, webshop, blog, or mobile app.

Connect Orilango to your own wordlist/database to add autocorrection for your own products/services. Hard-to-spell product names, weired artists, whacked-up forms, etc. will from now on always be easier to find.

Saves time and money thanks to the fact that your customers finds what they are searching for, even though they spell incorrect.

Reduces the workload and amount of calls to the customer service by making it easeier to find information directly on your website.

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Get started in 5 minutes

Three simple steps to add the spellchecker to your own search function.



Create an account

Create an account and start one or more spellchecking services.


Add searchable terms

Use our pre-made wordlist, or create your own wordlist with your own searchable words (e.g. product names).



Activate the service

Implement and activate Orilango using a well documentet API.


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